ZEGO - Digital B2B consulting and sales

ZEGO uses PATHADVICE to scale its sales operation digitally while still providing the same high-quality consulting services clients are used to.

Are you ready to digitize your sales?

Selling workwear is different from selling retail fashion. When it comes to uniforms, protective gear, or business attire, clients require in-depth consulting. Suppliers need to answer questions regarding the company's design or security needs, regulatory requirements, and industry standards. Buying workwear is much more complex than shopping at Zara.

Johannes Zenglein, Founder and CEO at ZEGO Textilveredelungszentrum in Aschaffenburg, knows exactly how important service and consulting are in the workwear industry. ZEGO is a leading provider of work & security clothing, corporate fashion, textile printing, and logistics services. Zenglein and his staff are used to spending long hours finding the best concepts for their clients.

Since the COVID-pandemic began, it has become much more difficult to meet in person. That's been a challenge for Zenglein and his clients, as speaking face-to-face has always been an essential part of ZEGO's sales and consulting process. Not being able to speak to clients personally has made sales more difficult.

Bring in video-consulting: Since Zenglein and his team started using PATHADVICE, they have found a way to offer their clients the same high-quality face-to-face consulting digitally as they used to provide in personal meetings. Their clients like the digital service so much that they keep using it after the lockdown. "It works, and our clients like it," says Zenglein. "That's what matters to us."

Sales challenges of workwear suppliers

Digitizing consulting

Today's clients want the same quality of consulting as before, but they want it digitally. Old-fashioned chat tools, email, or telephone don't do the trick. Suppliers need to be able to recreate the personal face-to-face experience online.

Compete in a globalized industry

In a globalized world with plenty of choices, suppliers need to differentiate themselves from their competition. That happens on the product level and in terms of the service and consulting experience.

Scaling sale

Providing digital consulting to clients enables broader market access, lower operational costs, and better margins. That only works if the digital offering is of the same quality as in-person sales.


On-page video consulting

PATHADVICE allows ZEGO's consultants to speak with leads directly through the website. When a lead enters the website, a small chat window pops up. Leads can then ask for a real-time video chat session. ZEGO can speak to clients anytime, everywhere, and always face-to-face.

User-friendly software

As Johannes Zenglein says:PATHADVICE works! It is user-friendly both for clients and users. The backend is programmed and designed with the user in mind and is easy to use for everyone.

In-person and Online

PATHADVICE enables ZEGO's consultants to observe their client's body language and expressions. They can react and answer concerns that might not be obvious in a phone call or text chat.

It has always been our strength that we speak to clients face-to-face as our products require in-depth consulting. PATHADVICE enables us to use our key strengths in the digital age.
Johannes Zenglein, Founder & CEO at ZEGO Textiverarbeitungszentrum

Results after one year of using PathAdvice

325 new B2B clients within just one year
100% of website users are tracked to maximize conversions
85% of website leads are using the video-tool

ZEGO's results are impressive, but there are many more advantages to using PATHADVICE besides the video-sales functionalities: