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What is VEGA & how does it work?

Recognize visitors with buying intent

With this insights you are able to optimize the sales funnel, improve lead generation, and get in contact at the decisive moment. It also enables personalized and streamlined user experiences, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Invest your valuable time on the right leads and win your customers over with personal real-time chat, phone or video connection at the right moment. Fuel your online sales for good.

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Effective lead generation

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Increase the profitability of your resources

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More sales & higher ROI

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Vega Technology identifies customers with buying intent

Optimize your
sales performance

Increase website conversion rate through live-interaction in the right moment
Motivated consultants through positive conversations
Customer satisfaction after personal assistance
Traffic to relevant conversation funnel

What's behind the AI-Technology VEGA?

By analyzing the visitor online behaviour and pairing it with an agent rating from previous consulting conversations, we get the magic. With this winning combination, businesses can accurately determine when a visitor is primed and ready for some personal assistance. It's like having a sales radar that can identify the perfect moment to swoop in and close the deal!

Discover which website visitors truly matter to your business and create opportunities to connect. Turn your paid traffic into hot leads with data-driven strategies!

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Visitor behavior analyses

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Increased sales

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100% GDPR compliant

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VEGA as Upgrade Module for Let’s Connect

Available for all plans & pay per analysed visitor