Yvonne de Bark - Advise customers personally

Expert Coach Yvonne de Bark speaks with all her leads and clients personally through her website – all of this despite her busy schedule.

Are your sales lagging behind?

Yvonne de Bark is Germany's leading coach for non-verbal communications and body language. She works with CEOs of multinational corporations and politicians, sells online training and seminars, and has published 11 books.

Leads want to speak to the coach directly to assess if he or she is the right fit. People looking for a coach don't want to talk to a sales representative. That's why managing sales is so challenging for coaches: You have your client sessions, which already consume a big chunk of your day and after that there is not much time left in the day to pitch for new clients.

That is the reason why most coaches with an existing client base are not directly approachable for potential new clients. They put up a website with a contact form or an email address, and when they finally find the time to respond to inquiries, the leads have already lost interest or moved on to another coach.

Yvonne the Bark certainly knows the challenges faced whilst running a busy coaching business. When she started using PATHADVICE however, she increased her sales threefold in less than one year. She can now directly speak to new leads through her website, anytime, from everywhere, whilst still maintaining enough time for her existing clients.

Sales challenges of coaches

Coach-coachee relationship is key

Online contact forms or emails are impersonal, and even phone calls are not the same as a face-to-face conversation. Yvonne de Bark wanted to be personally approachable to her new leads as well as being directly involved in sales at all stages.

Coaches need to be competitive

The coaching industry is very competitive, and there is never a second chance to make a first impression. It takes too much time to answer contact forms or emails and coaches need to capture the buying interest whilst it is at its peak .

Coaches need to be available

When clients have questions, concerns or complaints; coaches are able to use these situations as leverage in order to offer additional coaching sessions, or simply to improve the client relationship. But all of this this means that coaches need to be available through an easy-to-use format.    


On-page video consulting

PATHADVICE allows Yvonne de Bark to directly speak with leads through her website. When a lead enters the website, a small chat window pops up. Leads can then ask for a real-time video-chat with Yvonne de Bark. If she is online, she can take the call right away.


When leads look around Yvonne de Bark's website, they already have an interest in her services, but they might not want to send an email or use a contact form. As Yvonne de Bark is directly approachable through the chat window, clients are far more likely to get in touch.

Use your strengths

As a non-verbal communications coach, Yvonne de Bark can use PATHADVICE to directly show her clients how it's done. The video-call creates a "magic moment" that makes it infinitely easier for her to sell her products than it would ever be through emails or phone calls.

When I speak to leads or clients, I need them to see how I communicate. I am not only the saleswoman; I am a key part of the product and it's hard to show your smile through the phone.
Yvonne de Bark, Actress, writer and body language expert

Results after one year of using PathAdvice

200% increase in website-sales
70% direct on-site conversion rate
30% of unsuccessful leads return at a later stage

Yvonne de Bark's results are impressive, but there are many more advantages to using PATHADVICE on top of the video-sales functionalities: