Samina - Selling Sleep Solutions online

SAMINA uses PATHADVICE to sell sleep solutions and sleep coachings online. Sleep is a complex topic that needs a face-to-face approach.

The sales challenges of sleep coaching

Sleep is complex

Sleep systems are complex products. It’s impossible to explain the complexity of sleep in an email or a quick phone call. A qualified coach needs to conduct an in-depth consultation to identify the underlying problems and provide the right solutions.

Sleep is personal

Most people don’t want to talk about their personal issues in a retail store. It’s easier online, where they can remain relatively anonymous. By creating a safe online environment, clients are more relaxed and open up making consultations more effective, both coaches and clients benefit greatly from much better customer relationships.

There are no quick fixes

Sleep issues require comprehensive solutions that cover all aspects of sleep, from bedroom lighting, pillows and mattresses to behavioral changes. It takes ongoing consultations to find the best permanent solutions. 

The solution: PathAdvice

On-page video consulting

PATHADVICE allows SAMINA’s qualified sleep consultants to speak with leads through the website directly. When a lead enters the website, a small chat window pops up. Leads can then ask for a real-time video-chat with a sleep consultant who can take the call right away.

Proactive online-selling

When leads browse SAMINA’s websites, they clearly already have an interest in sleep solutions, but they might not feel comfortable to enter a retail store or send an inquiry email. As SAMINA’s coaches are directly approachable through the chat window, clients are more likely to make contact.

More than “just sales”

SAMINA does not just sell products for better sleep, rather it sells comprehensive solutions for better health. To help clients understand what SAMINA does, hard selling or pressure tactics simpy don’t work. It’s all about trust and the right relationship and that needs face-to-face interactions!  

Online-Video-Sales for Sleep Coaches: Never let your customers fall asleep on your website!
Philipp Amann, Samina Head of Sales

Results after one year of using PathAdvice

3 months of using PATHADVICE has significantly increased website sales
100% of clients are satisfied with their video-consultations
80% of unsuccessful leads return at a later stage

SAMINA’s results are impressive, but there are many more advantages to using PATHADVICE apart from the video-sales functionalities: